Honesty in human resources


One topic that no professional wants to think about is questionable integrity or ethical issues in their work. Unfortunately, all too often there is someone somewhere that sullies the reputation of the group and can give the profession a bad name. Ethics and integrity are important in all sectors, but there are some, such as management and Human Resources which is expected to maintain a higher standard of ethical behavior

Human Resources has an important role in a company. they should be conscientious management to ensure that all actions taken are reasonable and the limits of the law. Human Resources professionals should be objective and balanced the needs of employees and management, and finally HR needs to do what is best for the company. Let’s face it; it is not always so. Human Resource professionals are of course human, which means they have their own agenda and needs and that can complicate things. In second place, HR reports to management and if the mechanism is not installed properly, it can lead to problems. If HR professional is not ready to stand up for what is right, not only does the employee lose the company could lose as well.

The most important part of maintaining the integrity of HR starts with respect to employees and even though it sounds like something that is a no brainer, unfortunately there are a lot of cases where it does not. Of course, when workers are not treated with respect HR is no longer trusted and becomes quite the joke within the company. This can also occur when HR gives only lip service that can be just as damaging; when HR says they will follow any and they do not or they say one thing and do another, or worst of all they flat out lie.

Being an advocate for workers is not always easy especially when HR has to score or even disagree very management they report to. This is where the integrity of HR can be tested. If HR professional at least tries to do the right thing, that can mean taking his case as high as necessary to the organization, but they can hold their head high knowing they were high ethical standards. However, if they take the path of least resistance and give up on important issues of the worker and get negative feedback, they may fool themselves into thinking that they are doing their job, but in fact they are not. This is not to say that each employee brings to the position of HR should be approved by and fought for, but if the employee was not treated within the policy and the law, but it is your HR to correct that injustice.

HR duty to conduct research in an unbiased manner that ensures that they do not allow their bias to influence the outcome. It is also important that whoever is conducting the investigation should not have a reporting relationship with those involved. If someone thinks that they can not be impartial, they should remove themselves from the study, which is the only way to ensure a fair trial results.

People who work in human resources need to remember that the decisions they make and actions they take can affect lively hoods of people and should not be taken lightly. Sometimes they are the only ones who can offer an objective position and if they take the responsibility seriously, but everyone benefits.


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