Human Resource Delivery


Human Capital, Human Resource Delivery-measure HR – What gets measured gets done

Let us begin with a common question making the rounds politically correct HR thinkers today . “Should we do away with HR?” this is a silly question and senseless debate. Of course we should do away with HR-if it fails to add value and hinders performance. Of course we should keep HR, if it creates value or effective. . A more useful question, the question addressed “ How can HR create value and deliver results

Therefore, we need to

Specify the value HR creates-for customers, employees and investors.

Institute measures your performance, or dealing with inevitable- outsourcing work.

today HR managers along with line managers have to work to create a structure that can change, learn, move, and operate faster than the competition.

There is a paradigm shift in the function of the HR professional from “What I do” to “What I return.” This change is in four different areas enables HR to be

  • Strategic Partner
  • Administrative Expert
  • Employee Champion
  • Change Agent

The old myth was that people go into HR because they like people. However, the new reality is that HR departments are not designed to provide corporate therapy or as social or health-and-happiness course. HR professionals to create practices that make employees more competitive, not more comfortable.

The effect of HR practices can and must be measured. HR experts contribute to the bottom line.


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