Human Resource Development: personnel, Then and Now


One of the significant features of a corporation’s management personnel – Human Resource Management. The sad reality of personnel resulting from the history of the industrial revolution late eighteen and even the beginning of the nineteenth century, although this season was considered one of the huge prosper ties for the middle class and prosperity was not evenly shared employees were back-breaking work.

employees before they are paying, not services. The salaries for the period were low, health conditions were not in good shape and management style were often strong. Employees had to be always in competition with each other and staff was almost entirely children aged seven years. Personnel previously in the form of slavery and each person was product.

When one of the workers was under-performance, the manager gets him / her out of the structure and sells other employers in exchange for another product that would be something useful in their workforce. In the Philippine setting, there has been a management development, which consisted of the history of the entrance of the Spaniards and Americans in the Philippines. What was management style to the Filipino people. Personnel managers before might be viewed nowadays as inhuman and ruthless. However, before jumping into a conclusion or mark them, reflection of modern human resources for evaluation of their performance will help assess themselves if they are really in a position to charge unfair the case in the eighteen and nineteen centuries.

Personnel of antiquity has its own system that fits with their state government, lifestyle and people working. The same applies to modern management. Every time has its own system just perfectly fits the current situation before. Making their personnel can be a form of final control before eighteen and nineteen centuries ago but could no longer exactly the same. Over the decades, due to ongoing research human resources gone. It is because people started to get educated and find new things that would be beneficial to both organizations and employees. Later, line upon line, precept upon precept, and because people’s education then began to realize that slavery is not good and the only way to improve the organization.

Therefore, with the help of education and research and development, personnel nowadays has more to do the responsible human resource management by providing what is because employees and avoid unfair work.


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