Human Resource Management of Organizational performance


1. Introduction

Organizational success depends on having the right people in the right jobs at the right time to meet changing organizational requirements. The right people can be obtained by performing the role of human resources (HR) function. Below is a summary and explanation of how to evaluate HR jobs creation using HR activities in the architectural firm as an example. Human resource management (HRM), as defined Bratton, J. & Gold, J. (2003), is

“A Strategic Approach to management of employment relations that focuses on leveraging the potential of people is essential to achieve sustainable competitive advantage, provided that it has been done with a special set of integrated employment policies, programs and activities. “

According to this definition, we can see that human resources should not just handle recruitment, pay, and discharging, but also should maximize the use of human resources organization in a more strategic level. To describe what HRM in the organization, Ulrich, D. & Brocklebank, W. (2005) have compiled several HRM functions, such as employee advocate, human capital developer, functional expert, strategic partner and HR leader, etc.

important component company focused organization and direction towards achieving high levels of skill and competitiveness would depend very much on the human resource management practices of contributing effectively to profitability, quality, and other targets in accordance with the mission and vision company.

Staffing, training, compensation and performance management are fundamentally important tools in human resources practices that shape the role of the Agency in meeting the needs of stakeholders. Party organizations mainly consist of money that will reap the returns on their investments, customers who have wants and desires for high quality products or services are met, employees will work in the organization to be interesting with reasonable compensation and reward systems, and finally, the community would like to company to promote and participate in the activities and programs relating to the environment. Common rules and procedures of human resource management must be accompanied by the organization that provides a basic guide to the implementation of the certification. Teamwork among lower levels of employees and managers should be created and maintained to assist in various angles that would deem necessary eliminating communication breakdowns and Foster better relationships between employees. The board should focus on good corporate culture in order to develop employees and create a positive and conducive working environment

Performance (PA) is one of the most important things in a rational and general process of human resource management. The information obtained through the performance appraisal provides the basis for recruitment and selection of new hires, training and development of existing staff and encouraging and maintaining a quality work force with sufficient and appropriate to reward performance. Without reliable Performance systems, human resources management system falls apart, resulting in a total waste of valuable human assets a company has

There are two primary purpose of assessing performance :. Mats and development. The Evaluative purpose is designed to inform people about the status of their performance. The collected performance data are often used to reward performance and penalize poor performance. The purpose of development is designed to detect problems in workers perform assigned tasks. The collected performance data are used to provide the necessary skills training or career.

2. Affirmative action has helped many members of minority groups create equal opportunities in education and employment. Who could object to assist these minorities, who have suffered years of discrimination in getting equal opportunities they deserve? The problem is, affirmative action promotes racial preferences and quotas that cause mixed feelings. One-time supporters of affirmative action are now calling the “reverse discrimination”. If we want a stronger support for affirmative action that we need to get rid of preferential treatment.

back bone of affirmative action began with the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment. The amendment abolished slavery and other involuntary labor, which showed it was calling for equal opportunities for all South Africa.

A comprehensive Human Resource Strategy plays an important role in achieving the overall strategic goals of the organization and visibly shows the human resources function fully understands and supports the direction the agency is moving. A comprehensive HR Strategy will also support other specific strategic objectives roads marketing, financial, operational and technical departments.

In fact, HR policy should aim to capture the “people factor” of what the organization is hoping to achieve in the medium to long term, to ensure that: –

o it has the right the people instead of

o it has the right mix of skills

or employees show the right attitude and behavior, and

o employees are developed properly.

If, as is sometimes the case, methods, structures and strategies have been developed without human resource input, arguments for HR strategy may be more to tease out the indirect people elements involved in programs, rather than simply made clear their “people” stuff.

An HR strategy will add value to the organization if it

o articulates better some of the common themes that underlie achieving other programs and processes that have not been fully defined before; and

o identify the fundamental underlying issues that need to be taken with any organization or company if its people to be motivated, committed and act effectively.

The first of these areas will include careful consideration of existing or developing strategies and methods to identify and draw attention to the common themes and effects that have not been made clear before.

Another area should be to define which of these plans and strategies are so fundamental that it must be clear plans to deal with them before the agency can achieve on any of their goals. These are likely to include:

or personnel planning

or succession | plan

o workforce skills programs

employment equity plans

o black economic reform initiatives

o encourage and reasonable concerns treatment

or price changes designed to recruit, retain and motivate people

o method of coordination to pay and classification across the organization to create alignment and possibly unequal pay claims

OA classification and remuneration system which is considered fair and give proper reward for the contribution of

o broader employment implications on staff recruitment retention, motivation etc.

OA consistent performance management framework is designed to meet the needs of all sectors of the organization including people

o career framework look at the development within the organization on equipping workers “employability” so that they can deal with increasingly frequent changes of employer and employment patterns

o policies and framework to ensure people development issues are addressed systematically, qualifications framework, self-directed learning, etc.

The HR strategy will need to show that careful planning people’s issues will make it significantly easier for the company to achieve wider strategic and operating goals.

In addition, the HR strategy can add value by ensuring that all other plans, the organization takes into account and plan for changes in the global environment, which are likely to have a major impact on the organization such as:

o changes in the whole sector – demographic and remuneration levels

o cultural changes that will affect future patterns of employment

o changes in employee relations climate

o changes in the legal framework surrounding employment

o HR practice and employment trends in other organizations, such as the new flexible working practices.

Finding the right opportunity to present the case to develop HR Strategy is important to ensure that it will support the initiative, and the initial value will be recognized by the Agency.

Giving a strong practical slant to the proposed policy can help to gain acceptance for the idea, such as the importance of good management practice. It is also important to build “early or quick wins” in all the new technologies

Other opportunities may present the ideal moment to encourage the development of HR Strategy: -.

oa major new internal initiative could present the right opportunity to push for the accompanying HR policies such as the restructuring exercise, corporate acquisition, joint venture or merger exercise.

OA for new form similar initiative could create the right climate for a new HR strategy – eg Black economic reform initiatives.

o In some cases, even negative news may provide the “right moment”, for example, the recent industrial action or employee dissatisfaction expressed by the climate survey.


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