Human Resources – duties and responsibilities of the HR department


What exactly is your Human Resources Department do? This is a difficult question to answer, even for the owner. Human Resources is one area that tends to develop on their own, and in that department all are responsible for their own unique piece of the development. Some employee oriented and work on projects and solutions that help the worker. Others are numbers crunchers, those who recommend cuts in personnel when it seems that the company could be on the verge of taking a loss. In some companies, the layoffs would be the responsibility of HR, or they could be a task reserved for the management or ownership.

Apart from the unique make-up of individual departments resource persons, all of them have some things in common. They are all responsible for recruiting and hiring and who needs to have their own applicant tracking systems. It could be automated recruitment tracking software or manila file folders. If you’re still using the latter you might want to update. Paper filing systems are not only obsolete – they are inefficient. When a folder is placed in the wrong place, it is often not discovered. Quality job seekers fall through the cracks like that all the time.

Most human resource departments also need to keep track of the rules and required hiring quotas. There are compliance issues when it comes to hiring and employment. Foremost among these are the EEOC and OFCCP, federal rules require equality of employment and enforcement action. If you are to modernize and install new job applicant tracking system, you might want to look into web based recruiting software that downloads regularly in these areas when the law changed. As paper filing systems, keeping track of these things without automation is obsolete and dangerous job.

Human Resource departments are also usually responsible for benefits administration. There are statutes in place at state and county levels published by these benefits in certain areas. Health care is one of the major, and perhaps the most promoted in recent years, but there are others. Regulations and liability issues of retirement funds, direct deposit, and stock awards can get quite complicated. It is up to the HR department to translate all those wordy rules and explain the average worker. Some companies keep even a lawyer or paralegal in HR especially for the purpose. Your presence is not required, but it does help.

What other human resources departments do? When new businesses open and start to build, they put a great responsibility in the hands of human resources. As time goes by, they are responsible sometimes removed and went on to other departments, but more often than not they be with HR, making it one of the more complex and important departments in your company. Do you know what they do? If you are a business owner or site manager and you do not know, you might want to go there and find out. That knowledge could come in handy at some point.


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