Human Resources – How to deal with misconduct


An important role of the manager is to discipline its staff. Aga can relate to performance-based programs or it can relate to the issue of serious misconduct. Misconduct is considered to be more serious and need to be treated differently based on performance issues.

When misconduct is it means that there is a problem with employee attitudes and behavior towards their work. Misconduct can be put into two categories. The first one is serious misconduct and may be, for example, an employee who is constantly late for work this morning. The category of gross misconduct. This is serious and if not solve this situation may lead to an employee being dismissed. Gross misconduct can include verbal abuse, stealing and even violence.

When it comes to misconduct consequences can be swift and severe. It is important that it be made clear that this type of behavior will not be tolerated. Every organization should have a discipline process. Each establishment process can have different levels of warnings before termination is given. At least there should be at least two warnings before an employee is dismissed when there has been no improvement in their behavior. However, if the issue is a gross misconduct issue then, termination may be immediate result.

process disciplinary procedure uses an incremental approach to every warning serious than the what.

1. Verbal warning

This is the first stage and can be used to send staff that their behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. For the majority of misconduct issues verbal warning is enough to change and correct the behavior of the employee. However, if the behavior persists and continues then move to the next level.

2. first written warning

employee is given written confirmation of their warning with a clear statement that if the behavior continues to aggravation of the situation.

3. Second written warning

If they do not respond to the first written warning they are given another one.

4. Final written warning

If both the last two written notices are ignored the final warning will be given. The final warning is the last throw of the dice before the suspension is dismissal is given.

5. Suspension

When the employee ignores all written warnings or they have been implicated in serious conditions may require that the person is suspended and the matter investigated.

6. Termination

This is the last resort when repeated warnings are ignored. However, it can become the first and only option if the misconduct is very serious and beyond reproach.


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