Human Resources – Strategic Business Partner


Human Resources, with diverse internal and external customers its ability to touch all levels of the organization and known understanding of the environmental organization could not be more to the critical role of a strategic partner.

In the recently published 2008 annual letter to shareholders, General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt says the following: “….. The secret to all of these issues developing leaders is to have a great team of human resources professionals forever. Company will have passion for people. GE has a great HR team that protects the valuable human assets in. I want to give them special recognition this year …. “For years, GE has recognized the success of Bill Conaty, Senior Vice President of Corporate Human Resources. Bill Conaty is highly respected for its continued contribution to the organization. His insight and input has been invaluable. In 2004 an article by Anne Freedman, Conaty himself said: “I believe the real core and my values ​​my organization as a human resources leader, but without having a business grounding, I do not think I would be an effective HR partner.”

Organizations that are their employees to be the most valuable asset you can not afford to not have the manpower to work in a true strategic business partner role. Human Resource professionals with knowledge, skills and abilities, the ability to partner with senior leadership to not only participate in the strategic management organization and drive its implementation. As stated in “The 8 Practices of exceptional Organizations How Great Organizations make the most of their assets Human” by Jac Fitz-Enz, “Strategic plans will be laid on nuclear strategy, a solid wall effect. Core techniques lead to strategic plans, organizational structure, business plans, quantitative objectives and, ultimately, to particular human behavior and task performance. “Business Oriented HR professionals can help design a strategic plan that balances the needs of the organization, employees and other stakeholders. It can help to coordinate the efforts of various functions in the organization with the strategic objectives of the program, and it can support the action by ensuring that they can recruit, develop and maintain the necessary members of the company team. HR, the strategic partners of the company should be drivers affiliates level that drivers strategic plan.

HR shall be responsible for own leadership and employee development, as well as direct all communication efforts, especially as it relates to the pulse of the employee population. Succession | plan is in strategic HR partner should be involved in. As discussed in “Good to Great” by Jim Collins, have the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right place is crucial to the success of any organization -. who better than to control people process the strategic HR partner

To meet strategic business partner role, HR leaders must understand the business organization. In addition to fully understand business, HR must understand the environment in which it operates, competition, and the conditions that could affect the progress of the organization. HR can no longer focus on its own internal projects. It will be responsible for HR’s strategy, objectives and priorities are driven by and aligned with the overall business needs. It will bring major affiliate business managers, as well as key figures in other functions within the company. While operational HR role from day to day, which is required to run the organization are not strategic in nature will guarantee to reflect the objectives of the organization. There needs to be more integrated global company-wide process that considers how each HR programs can help move the entire organization in the right direction.

In addition to HR increase their knowledge of the structure and solid partnership through cooperation communication efforts, increase their knowledge in other areas is extremely important to be a successful strategic partner. HR will increase their knowledge of finance and accounting, marketing and sales, operations, and information technology and focus on key business skills. Almost every function in an organization, you can refer to that task. That is why it is important for professionals in HR to improve project management skills. In addition to project management skills, strategic partners HR companies must fully understand the strategic planning. HR must be able to manage change, perform environmental scanning, and understand the importance of outsourcing and process associated with outsourcing. Being able to manage technology and measure the performance of all programs, company-wide and efforts are equally important. HR should also play an important role in leadership training, shall be responsible for the implementation of the strategy to become an employer and should be responsible for leading a program to safe guard your business success by external factors.

To summarize, Human Resource professionals touch every level and every department in the company. Because of the involvement of the company, employees at all levels to get to know and trust the members of the HR team. Because knowledge of HR with the change management process and human capital, enjoy successful companies have HR full time on strategic business partner role. If your business is not already doing so, allow Human Resources to be represented at meetings alongside other senior leaders. There is no more appropriate functional group within the company to be responsible for leading the development of strategic plans, implementation of key technologies, and lay organizations succeed in implementing its program, but Human Resources.


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