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I recently returned from SHRM® 2010 Annual Conference and Exposition, held in beautiful San Diego, California. I thought you might like a glimpse of what these dastardly Human Resource people are cooking up. I attended a conference in my “day job” position, a Human Resources professional and as Undercover HR manager phone

But first – the question :. What do you call a hundred HR professionals at the bottom of San Diego Bay? A good start! No, wait – it’s lawyers. Lawyers at the bottom of San Diego Bay! (Apologies Curt)

A little background: SHRM® stands for members of human resources, it is the largest company in the world of HR professionals, with over 250,000 members in more than 140 countries. There were over 11,000 participants in the 3-day conference this year attending training sessions on everything from “diversity leadership Bench: maximizing the potential of all employees” to “harassment and workplace violence” to my personal favorite, “retaliation – Coming Soon to employer near you! “

I have to say that of the 200 + exercises available, not one was a title.” betray Your Employees: The art and science of deception in HR “or” effectively Padding personnel directory without getting caught ” or even “Making Employees miserable 101”. You may not believe me, but 95% of the meetings were positive! They had titles like “people business”, “Meta experience: Strategies to apply the older worker.”, And “create a culture Engagement”

I’ve seen it time and time again: HR pros to download training and come home with a lot of positive proposals to make their business more “people-centered”. Then they are hit with the reality of their top brass push back and said that – although people are our greatest asset – we are not willing to invest time and money to ensure that our people are protected from harassment, retaliation and other effects functions work. The organization weighs the cost of defending against lawsuits or state institution study and decide it is cheaper to fight but to make things right in the first place.

Many times it starts simply with poorly trained caretaker do the wrong thing with anti-class worker. Then misleading supervisor facts to HR, which takes quality supervisor without an in-depth investigation and takes the recommendations of the supervisor to tell or discipline. This is further compounded when it is learned that the caretaker lied or was mistaken and upper management supervisor protects and supports discipline, rather than do the right thing and turn bad discipline. And that is how discrimination claims and lawsuits are born. Very few cases start with HR professional and supervisor decide together to deliberately discriminate against an employee

Most folks go to HR with the best intentions -. To help others. I was not talking to one HR professional at the conference said the goal of his or her employees was screwing over – even in jest. But they admitted they had a difficult time recovering pressure from senior management of the needs and rights of workers. Business of a larger paycheck to move up the food chain is not an excuse to ignore the needs of employees and break their rights. A true HR professional is not only technically competent in the field, but finds ways to stand up for workers’ rights. A true HR professional not sell out his principles or her even when ordered managers to discriminate against an employee or revenge. I have been the victim of retaliation by my boss and his boss for her whistleblowing activities – and that’s why I’m Undercover HR Director phone

Follow -. In my next article, I’ll fill you in on the latest material put underwear human resources managers’ in turn. I’ll tell you what advice HR managers have been given to investigating questionable FMLA requirements – including supervision -. And why your employer does not consistently follow their own policy Benefits


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