Personnel of HRM – Theory Maslow


Management Sciences recently, has realized the importance of human resources in the company. Even in this day, for I.T. , Operation requires manpower. The controls available human resources is considered to be an important management function. However, it is interesting to note that traditional thoughts of Personnel Management has transformed the birth of new ideas in philosophy, human resource development and human resource management.

Ideas Personnel conflict with the concept of HRM in many aspects.

Organization expected manpower machines rather than men or women, endowed with feelings and emotions. It potentially would be the best and the rest was left untouched.

Personnel surmounts the above with the latest thoughts, focused and envisaging hardly feelings and emotions, catering to the needs of personal and public, encourage non possibility to bridge the gap by teaching and encouraging the device monetary benefit . It is interesting to note that human resources are the only assets not weakening not.

Organizations are trying to unleash the potential of manpower .If people spontaneously develop institutional development, paving entry for fresh human resources. Human resources has been turnkey for the success or failure of the organization.

previous days, human resources were held responsible only for production and profit, now they are seen as assets and opportunities, which help the organization to complete the long-term goal. Maslow propagated theory, hierarchy of needs, where resources are eager to meet their needs, from basic need, provided with self-actualization needs.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a theory in psychology that Abraham Maslow proposed in his article in 1943 A Theory of Human Motivation, he extended later.

unsatisfied people produce poor / performance and vice versa.

The organization provides emerging growth opportunities to employees, as part of the incentive issues / technologies.

Employees who aspired for higher education, to improve their skills and knowledge, the erstwhile system, is expected to take the initiative themselves and submit and application to the personnel department, seeking permission.

Personnel would consider, in accordance with certain parameters and conditions. But HRM, believes in business activity, which increases the quality and potential employees.

Most I.T. company, customer support and BPO is either sponsoring their employees to higher education or use in their headquarters abroad, training in the workplace. This builds employee loyalty, sense of belongingness, encourages, committed in the past maintained productivity can be expected.

Although Maslow theory has its own limitations, many industries are using this theory without negligence, to encourage their employees to continue.


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