The effective way to measure the effectiveness of HR


If there is one measure HR efficiency, then this would take to measure HR performance -. Every aspect concerning the HR department and its activities and the role of

HR performance consists of human resource management function. At first bat, measuring HR performance can seem difficult to do, and you are right to think so. This is definitely one of the hardest aspects that you can measure in terms of organizational performance. When you compare this with other aspects of the organization, financial aspects, for example, you can not really say that you would have a strict set of criteria and parameters to be used as the basis when measuring HR performance and efficiency. The financial side of any organization would inevitably it. People management, which is one of the most important factors in HR stand is less strict and more subjective or relative, so to speak.

Although there is no specific linking organizational performance and HR practices, it is still related. It does not matter the lack of physical connection, as long as the connection exists. Firstly, to manage people the right way helps the organization achieve improved performance over time. When you manage your people well, success organization will also improve over time. But if you want a more tangible basis for measuring HR performance and efficiency, here are some commonly used metrics for the purpose.

HR management begins with the selection and recruitment. When a company has a profit, it will look for applicants for the position, hoping to find the best one to suit the job. The measurement dimension to look for here is the level of sophistication of the recruitment process are. Are the selection and application process up to par? They come with appropriate psychometric tests? The chamber utilizing clear criteria when it comes to choose qualified people from the pool of applicants? Are interviews as structured as they should be?

The next method to look into the activation and training. Induction is the process of officially introducing newly hired employees in the organization. Metrics here would still belong to the sophistication of the process used. A relevant metric here would be the length of the programs used for induction and training. The success of the procedure, meanwhile, can be an effective metric as well. This can be measured by using targeted surveys. Of course, students would be the ones to take these surveys.

The last method to look into the performance. It concerns how the HR department has supervision and control of the brain HR department, as well as the rest of the people comprising staff of the Organization. Performance management processes should be kept as complete as possible. this means that all the processes should be organized and arranged in an orderly and logical manner. A relevant metrics here could be the number of hours shelled out to performance.

Measuring HR efficiency and effectiveness is really not difficult, as long as you have the statistics on hand. Just make sure that the ones you have are relevant to organizational goals and objectives.


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