The Five W’s Human


Why have HR function

A well-known HR function will:

• Increase Productivity

• reduce overheads your

• increase staff commitment to your business

• improve employee / employer relationship

• minimize risk in the employment relationship

• assist in policy

• help put policies into operating

• enable you to measure the significant milestones of the business plan

What is HR functions provide

An HR function is designed to provide you with some practical tools and advice, such as:

• employment contract

• powerful recruiting tools

• performance management system

• the tools and support to manage performance problems

• statistics for your people

HR will contribute to building your strategic business plans integrated sound people.

Following the strategic business plan is a summary of operational objectives and action plans for employees with measures to monitor progress and success.

These operational objectives that you will have a way to measure and reward employee behavior.

As your business grows and requires more resources or organizational changes in your right HR person will be able to work with you to analyze your business needs, establish a process and guide you through the change process to achieve maximum employee buy in and minimal risks. This would apply to change participation downsizing as much as changes resulting from growth.

When you put in the HR function?

Human starts as soon as you are no longer able to run your business with just you and you begin the process of planning how to meet business requirements by hiring staff. It is the quality and intentionality HR function, your driving when you should consider a dedicated HR resource to manage the HR function.

The rule of thumb is when you are 80 plus full time employees, you warrant to have fully dedicated resource in your own business. Until that number you can outsource work to qualified professionals who want to achieve the same goals in part-time or contract basis.

do you find qualified professionals?

You can find the appropriate resources from the financial / consultants that offer HR resources as part of a review of their services do some hiring / consultants. Attorneys may offer employment template. Some business associations offer templates and internal consultants to assist companies in labor-related issues. Do not use HR professionals, especially management consultants can be an expensive option, and often lacks all business approach.

Another avenue for help with this operation in human resource professionals who have set up their own consulting business. They offer HR function on an hourly or monthly fees for themselves and work with you in your business as shallow. This is a more holistic and cost effective way of having a function that can be fully integrated into your business. These people are on the internet, through human resource agency or trade association.

What is the best adviser to choose?

The best people are those who are experienced Human Resource Consultants. They should have both qualifications and experience in order to understand all your business and can partner with you. Looking for someone who has worked either in the sector and / or a wide spectrum of organizations that have a proven ability to understand business needs. Check to ensure that they have been management teams and can talk sales, marketing, operations, etc., and understand finance and customer service. You want someone who can think strategically but are still operational. Also check to ensure that they have personal credibility. Will they do what they say they will?


A quality human resources function is a great asset to your company. The sooner you make sure that you have such a role, the sooner you begin to see positive results in your business. It may not need to be a big financial commitment, but it does involve finding the right experts to manage the work for you.


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